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Science investigation, by Miss Macey

Savio 2019, by Mrs McKinlay

Today we made gas masks., by Mrs Davies

Christmas cards, by Mrs Davies

Penguin party!, by Mrs Davies

No pens day , by Miss Macey

Maths 8th November, by Miss Macey

Will it float...?, by Miss Macey

Cookery Club, by Mrs Welsh

The Naughty Bus, by Mrs Welsh

The Trinity, by Mrs Davies

Greek pots, by Mrs Davies

Our beautiful chapel, by Mrs Davies

Should we use plastic?, by Mrs Davies

Maths Packs, by Mrs Welsh

Today is Greek day, by Mrs Davies

European day of language, by Mrs Davies

World Mental Health Day, by Mrs Davies

Separating materials, by Mrs Poynton

Stained Glass Windows, by Mrs Poynton

stained Glass Windows, by Mrs Poynton

Mission Statements

St Mary's is a family.

Mission Statements

Each one of us is cared for, looked after and made to feel welcome.

Mission Statements

We learn to live the values Jesus taught.

Mission Statements

Be courteous, considerate and kind.

Mission Statements

Show respect for others..

Mission Statements

Work hard.

Mission Statements

Do your best with the gifts you have been given.

Mission Statements

Improve your talents and skills for the future.

Mission Statements

St Mary's Catholic Primary, Manor Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 9DH