Year 6 2022 - 2023

Mr Philo

Miss Whelan

Welcome to Year 6 with

Mr Philo and Miss Whelan


We are now in term 2 and having enjoyed our Christmas festivities, we are looking forward to the joys that being back in Year 6 at St Mary's brings. After what was a resounding success of a first term, there is certainly so much that we will continue to build on and develop in regards to our academic, personal and spiritual growth, together as our Year 6 community. The joys of seeing the collaboration, support and enjoyment that exists within our class is what truly unites each person together as a special group.

In regards to this first half term of our second term, our writing is focused on the book 'The Tear Thief' by Carol Ann Duffy. The purpose is to understand how to use descriptive language effectively as well as to develop the skill of creating our own characters within a narrative. 

Within mathematics, we will be learning how to plot coordinates within all four quadrants of a grid as well as reflecting and translating shapes in all four quadrants. We will also be learning about decimals and percentages and how they are used as forms of number systems and within 'real-life' contexts. We will also be relating them to our understanding of fractions that we developed in term 1. 

Our science will focus on Evolution and Inheritance, understanding how organisms have adapted to their environments and how characteristics are passed on from one generation to the next. Within our R.E lessons, our topic is 'Exploring the Mass' and so we will be exploring; The Penitential Act, The Gospel, The Offertory, The Consecration and Holy Communion.


If you have any question or queries, then please do get in contact and I look forward to continuing to work with you all this term.

Mr Philo.



Spellings and Homework

In Year 6, you will receive homework that relates to learning that has occurred during our lessons. Its purpose is to reinforce and extend knowledge and understanding across each subject, at different times, and it is an important aspect of being a learner; as well as preparing for Senior School.

A spelling test will happen every Friday and new spellings for the following week will be given at the same time. These words must also be used in sentences which should be written in the homework books and handed in on Wednesdays. Their definitions must therefore be found by using dictionary and then used accurately in seperate sentences.

There will also be a times table quiz on Friday as ALL children should know their tables up to 12x12 out of order and with related division facts.  This helps them with their fractions and written division and multiplication methods to name a few. Please use TT RockStars to help with the learning, speed and recall of tables.

Reading should also occur at least four times a week for approximately 15 minutes and it is recommended that discussions related to the characters, settings and plot as well as the language, punctuation and impact that the author has used and created, should take place as often as possible.


Homework in Year 1 to Year 6 will be set on a Friday and needs to be completed by/handed in by the following Wednesday. 


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