Singfest Concert - Thursday 23rd March 2023 - Congleton Town Hall 2.45-4pm

Children will be taken to the concert and brought back to school by coach. We expect to arrive back to school around 4.40 - traffic permitting.

Hello Children and Parents, 


I'm sorry for the delay in getting these resources to you, and I'm sorry that it isn't very straightforward! 

You will find all of the tracks below. You will also see a PDF file at the botton. This has all of the lyrics and details of solo/group parts.

Some children wanted to do small group or solo parts. I have highlighted their names in yellow along with the lyrics on the PDF. 

Please send me an email (via the office) if there are any problems, for example, if your child has changed their mind and wants to/ no longer wants to do their part- this is absolutely fine.

I will be available for rehearsals after school on Monday and Wednesday of next week. The concert is on Thursday. 

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Yarwood


Playground Medley

Playground Medley Performance

Concentration - Navigation

John Kanakanaka

Eh Memarie

Here Comes Sally

Tancy La

Hello Song

Dreamer's Medley

Dreamers' Medley Performance Track

Dreamer's Medley Backing Track

Dreamers' Medley Rehearsal with Victoria



Dancer's Medley

Dancer's Medley Performance Track

Dancer's medley Backing Track

Dancer's Medley Rehearsal with Victoria


Click here to watch videos of the actions for Singfest 2023


Files to Download

Mission Statements

St Mary's is a family.

Mission Statements

Each one of us is cared for, looked after and made to feel welcome.

Mission Statements

We learn to live the values Jesus taught.

Mission Statements

Be courteous, considerate and kind.

Mission Statements

Show respect for others..

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Work hard.

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Do your best with the gifts you have been given.

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Improve your talents and skills for the future.

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